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The Board of Directors of the company resolves to conduct capital reduction

Silitech Technology Corp. (TWSE: 3311) Board of Directors approved a capital reduction plan in order to refund cash to shareholders, and adjust the capital structure and increase the return on equity. Under the capital reduction plan, the Company proposes to reduce NT$1,193,838,160 and cancel 119,383,816 shares. At present, a total of 179,383,816 shares of common stock have been issued, and according to the aforesaid amount, the capital is expected to be reduced by 66.552167%; the capital to be returned to each Shareholder will be approximately NT$6.6552167 per common share, and 334.47833 shares are converted per thousand share. After the capital reduction, the listed common shares will be 60,000,000 shares, and with par value NT$10 per share the capital will be NT$600,000,000. However, the paid-in capital after capital reduction and the capital reduction ratio shall be calculated based on the total shares issued on the record date for cash reduction and stock conversion. After the approval of this capital reduction from the shareholders' meeting and the authorities, the Board of Directors will set schedule and timeline for the record date of the capital reduction and that of exchange of shares.